Teaching Philosophy


What makes us different?

BikePath Learning incorporates a common-sense methodology to teach young learners languages in a more natural way.  Most people don’t learn languages by conjugating verbs, and we don’t expect your child to either. The video below explains our method, TPRS (Total Physical Response & Storytelling), in the best way possible; showing it in action.


Total Physical Response & Storytelling teaching method (or TPRS), which is recognized as the current most effective method to teach a foreign language. Comprehensible Input (CI) and repetition are key to help children integrate new vocabulary: TPRS is a cumulative method that constantly builds on what children learn. NO MORE LISTS OF RANDOM WORDS! Our year-long curriculums are the results of meetings with experts, research and observation of children’s general learning styles. Their interests constitute the core of the lessons’ themes, and allow them to stay passionate week after week.


Why learn a second language?

Learning a second or a third language is a priceless gift! However, BikePath’s goal is to offer a program of excellence at an affordable price.

BikePath gives children the opportunity to become bilingual by offering full programs in Spanish and French to children as early as Kindergarten when it is easiest for them to learn. Children get to understand, read, write and speak a foreign language, with a clear emphasis on oral interaction.

Thanks to our unique curriculum, children not only learn a foreign language in a fun, easy and effective way, they also:

  1. Develop a great sense of self-confidence, and self-discipline,
  2. Build critical social skills,
  3. Develop their imagination and broaden their mind,
  4. Increase their problem-solving skills and memory.

As educators, we help children shine in our classroom so that they succeed at school and beyond, now and for the years to come.

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