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Welcome to BikePath Learning, where foreign language fluency begins.

Whether you are a parent, a school administrator or a bilingual educator, join us and give children the opportunity to become bilingual thanks to our unique before or after school year-long curriculum-based programs.

Perfect for busy parents – The classes are brought to your child’s regular school.

Ideal for schools, BASP administrators and parent coordinators – We help you take care of the administration of the program.

Great for educators – The program is developed and constantly improved based on research and experiments, and is provided to you.

Discover our offer, check out our locations and contact us when you are ready to join us on this great adventure!

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Our team:

Charnie Bledsoe 

Founder and President of BikePath Learning

Charnie studied French in Middle School through early College and has worked in personal and business consulting for three decades. A few years ago she had the opportunity to work with a business that provided Spanish to young children. During this time it became obvious from surveys of parents that learning a second language was of great importance to many families. Unfortunately, there are few opportunities for American children or parents to learn any new language. Classes that do exist are taught in old fashioned ways with boring drills, learning foreign language words that didn’t lead to any real usage or understanding. Even immersion class instructors talking in a new language without any comprehensible explanation in English creates its own confusion and barriers to learning. Only the most dedicated and dogged student ever achieved any level of fluency with these methods. These examples demonstrated that something is very wrong with the teaching method used with foreign languages. Having observed that, this led to researching the best teaching methods of Foreign languages to young children, therefore creating Bike Path Learning.


Kasia Grudzinski

Vice-President of Operations for Bike Path Learning; French and Spanish Teacher

Kasia started studying French in 6th grade as part of the IB Programme. Having been raised in a Polish household she was already fluent in Polish. Her French education continued through college, where she decided to study abroad in Paris for a year to expand her speaking skills. She also started studying Spanish in college, where she also volunteered in Guatemala working with young women and helping educate them and women’s health issues. Kasia is also an avid traveler, having been to Morocco, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Europe, and Peru to name just a few. Traveling so much has shown how important it is to learn other languages. One cannot assume that every person can speak English in the world, which she learned very well in China. Over two years ago Kasia joined Bike Path Learning as a French and Spanish teacher. Showing her passion for teaching and her obsession with languages she became a vital team member. Her passion of languages shows hope that there is a group of people out there that realize how important foreign language education is becoming, and now we will be spreading this passion to others.



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