What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently only accept payments by check, please mail your check to

Bike Path Learning
PO Box 1594,
Castle Rock, CO 80109


How can I help my child be successful?

Parents are part of our Teaching Team and provide help and support to their young language learner. Please help your child to be successful with a little help at home between classes. French and Spanish students will receive Module picture booklets & audio CDs as they progress through the curriculum. CD & booklets are in both English &Spanish. Many parents play the CD in the car, use it with family time so everyone is learning, or load it to a iPod. Students learn faster when they hear the target language vocabulary consistently. Teachers will give more information on using the home materials when they are introduced. We do not have translations for Chinese yet. This is in progress.

Where is the school calendar?

School calendar of Language Lessons is on the flyer for your school.

How will the teacher get a hold of me?

Teachers will have all parents cell and emails & will email parents with their contact info, so a regular line of communication is set up. Teachers handle all communication related to the class room or curriculum matters. If the teacher cannot answer the parent question, they will forward emails to their supervisor. I am always available to parents at my email: bikepathlearning@yahoo.com, but prefer you go through the teacher first.

What happens during the first day of class?

Generally, we collect all children the first lesson day at the Main lobby of the school. This is especially true for younger kids K-2nd. If there is any change to this First Meeting Place, you will receive an email /text from your child’s Language teacher. Older children might be to meet in the assigned Language room.

What happens after class?

Language class ends 5 minutes early, so kids can help clean and tidy up the classroom; grab their backpacks and coats and line up ready to be escorted out of the classroom.

What if my class is a morning class?

Older kids will be released to walk to their regular class room. Kindie and 1st graders will be walked to their regular classroom, until they know where that room is and are comfortable walking there.

How do you deal with permission to walk home?

We will need written permission for your child to walk home. Otherwise all children will be picked up at the Front doors of the school. Please do not be late, most teachers have other responsibilities after teaching, so be considerate of their time. Children in school sponsored After Care will be escorted to that organization.

What if we are running late?

If you are running late, please TEXT the Language teacher with data on when you will arrive. Any child who is not picked up will be sent to the After Care program and parents will be responsible for that After school fee.

In early September, Teachers will email the parents & answer questions or give information.

If your question is not answered here, please email us at bikepathlearning@yahoo.com or bikepathlearn@gmail.com.

Kind regards,
Charnie Bledsoe
President, Bike Path Learning, LLC

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